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Holden VXR badge to live on for PSA Group's hybrids and EVs: reports

The VXR badge is currently glued to the fastest Commodore

GM's go-fast VXR badge will live on post PSA Group's takeover of Opel and Vauxhall, with the performance tag to be used for the French group's future hybrids and EVs.

Australia's history with the VXR badge doesn't run quite so deeply as it does in the UK, where it was applied to the HSV Clubsport and GTS models exported to England, as well as locally produced performance vehicles.

In Australia, it was glued to the rump of the Astra VXR, and is currently in use on the fastest version of the new Holden Commodore, which is powered by a V6 engine good for 235kW and 381Nm.

But while French manufacturer PSA Group's takeover of the Opel and Vauxhall brands means that the VXR badge will live on in Europe, whether Holden, which is still owned by GM, will be able to use it in the future remains to be seen.

“With the strict rules on emissions now, we’ve gone with the middle ground,” Vauxhall Product Manager Naomi Gasson told UK outlet AutoCar. “There’s a lot of talk with electrification and hybrid, which could still get the higher power but without the emissions and CO2 being affected.

"It doesn’t mean VXR is dead by any stretch".

Is the VXR badge dead and buried? Or should Holden fight to keep it? Tell us in the comments below.