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Holden Spark knocks on Woody

Unlikely, but it shows the youthful fun factor on tap for a car which will eventually be sold alongside the Barina at GM Holden outlets.  The Woody wagon look was added to the Spark in Europe as a summer teaser and a way to lure Gen-Y buyers to the car, which carries a Chevrolet badge on the other side of the world.

It will have a similar starter spot when it reaches Australia, as Holden goes for a double-edged effort with the Barina and Barina Spark sometime in 2011.  There is no news yet on the likely pricetag or arrival of the new models, but the new Barina - called the Chevrolet Aveo - is already testing and Holden is believed to be waiting for the newcomer before going two-up in the baby car class.

Meanwhile, there is no chance of a lifetime warranty on new Holdens even though the Red Lion brand's sister company has just done the deal in Britain.  Vauxhall is now providing lifetime warranty on all new cars from the day of registration, with a package that covers all major components.

There is a hitch - because the lifetime coverage is tied to the first owner - but Vauxhall says it will still have a 160,000-kilometre protection package regardless of the owner.  And owners must still visit a Vauxhall dealer each year for a free vehicle inspection.

Vauxhall is also working on a lifetime program purchase for second owners, but the British move has not triggered any thinking in Australia.  "Holden doesn't have any plans to introduce this sort of warranty," Holden spokesperson, Emily Perry, says.