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GM exec snubs Holden factory floor

Mr Jacoby arrived in Melbourne on Sunday.

Holden factory workers who voted for a three-year wage freeze to try to save the company have been snubbed by the boss of General Motors' international operations, indicating Holden's manufacturing future is now in grave doubt.

Stefan Jacoby, the man who will decide the fate of the Holden factory, has made a flying visit to Australia, but did not have time to tour the Elizabeth car-making factory or meet any of the 1700 workers whose livelihoods are under threat.

Mr Jacoby arrived in Melbourne on Sunday ahead of meetings at Holden's Port Melbourne headquarters and Lang Lang proving ground, about 100km south-east of Melbourne, where he sampled the Holden model range and met some of the engineers who developed the cars.

Mr Jacoby is scheduled to depart Australia Tuesday for the next stop on his world tour, having spent less than 48 hours on the ground here.

The SA secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union John Camillo said he requested a meeting with Mr Jacoby and even offered to fly to Melbourne to put forward the case for Holden workers. "I'm disappointed I never got to put the union's point of view across," Mr Camillo told News Corp Australia.

"I offered to drop everything for just a 10-minute meeting, even if it was just at the airport. I understand he's busy but we're talking about the jobs and future of 1700 Holden workers and those in the parts supply industry and I wanted him to know what sacrifices we had made to help Holden keep manufacturing in Australia."

Mr Camillo said the current negotiations with the Federal Government were "a last chance for us" but the government has indicated it will go ahead with planned cuts to industry subsidies and is awaiting the outcome of two Productivity Commission reviews, due on December 20 and March 31.

"If General Motors decides to close the factory it is very hard to reverse the decision once it's made," said Mr Camillo. "I hope the discussions Mike Devereux had with Mr Jacoby were positive."

A statement from Holden said: "Mr Jacoby is in Australia for a very quick visit to review Holden's current and future product lineup and to discuss strategic issues with the management team."

Holden would not say which other countries Mr Jacoby was visiting but News Corp Australia understands he will return later this year. Mr Jacoby is reponsible for GM operations in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Meanwhile General Motors is yet to announce a replacement for Holden boss Mike Devereux, who was promoted to a role in GM's international operations, reporting to Mr Jacoby.

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