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Ford's talking car prank

You’d probably hop right into the vehicle and ask it to dial Morgan Freeman. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum or Bill Cosby, judging by the reactions of people who were pranked by Ford with a talking Ecosport.

The carmaker tapped the talents of comedian and impressionist Anil Desai – currently in Melbourne for the Comedy Festival – to pull of the stunt that had people happily willing to use Ford's SYNC system to dial up what they thought were major stars and try to tell them jokes.

Ford says the stunt was part of their campaign to promote the Ecosport SUV through an ‘urban discoveries’ theme. “The premise of the campaign is to highlight how EcoSport can help you find the unknown gems in your city and the Talking Car video was a spin off from that,” Ford spokesman Martin Gunsberg says. “The idea is the Talking Car was a discovery in its own right and we set it up in various areas around Melbourne, waiting for people to discover it.

“We had a lot of fun creating this video and we found that anyone willing to accept they were talking to a car tended to be up for some fun as well," Gunsberg says. Which is no surprise, as Aussies are generally up for anything. The only odd aspect was that all the people targeted chose to call American celebrities -- not a single Australian came to mind. We would have loved to see somebody telling jokes to Tony Abbott or Dame Edna.

Watch the desktop version of the Ford's talking car prank video here.