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Ford Mustang gets burnout mode

While Ford has revealed the new Mustang coupe and convertible we'll see here in 2015, they've been holding back a few details for the car's official showcase at Detroit motor show.

However, yesterday reports started to surface about Ford hinting at a 'secret feature' in the Mustang. Today we have confirmation via Motor Authority that the secret technology is an electronic system to help the driver perform a perfect, smokescreen-creating burnout.

The report doesn't have details of how the technology works, but suggests that it could either put a line-lock on the front brakes while disabling traction control.

And there's no indication of whether this would be a standard feature, or an option -- and perhaps only offered on the V8 models.

But you can bet there will be some grumbling if a burnout feature arrives on the cars headed for Australian showrooms. Much of the complaint will be from anti-hoon crusaders who will see the function as encouraging hooniganism. And the rest of it will likely be from purists, who prefer to execute their burnouts while relying solely on their own skills.

There's more new technology on the way with the Mustang, and you can get all the lastest news at our dedicated Mustang mini-site.  

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