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Fiat Doblo Work Up ute may come here

The Doblo Work Ute has just been introduced in the UK, which means Fiat is already producing it in right hand drive.

It’s called the Doblo Work Up and is one of several new Fiat commercial vehicles now being considered for sale in Australia.

Fiat commercial vehicles have been brought to Australia by independent importer ATECO since 2001, but the local distribution will switch to Chrysler Australia group, now part of the Fiat family, from May 1.

Given the local Fiat commercial vehicle arm is now part of a factory operation there is every chance it will be given access to more models than before.

Working Wheels understands Chrysler Australia group has started meeting with dealers for the Fiat commercial brand, along with Fiat cars and Alfa Romeo, and is taking on board the models the dealers are especially keen to get hold of.

“Their message was that now we are factory backed they are hoping for the supply pipeline to open up,” says Chrysler Australia group spokeswoman Lenore Fletcher. 

Currently, the only Fiat commercial vehicles sold in Australia are the large Ducato van and slightly smaller Scudo van. More models could now be introduced to the local line up following the change of distributor. 

Ms Fletcher says Chrysler Australia group doesn’t have anything to announce at the moment as it is far too early, but is “looking very closely at everything”. “We are looking at ways that we could expand the product line-up,” she says.

In terms of Fiat commercial vehicles, there are three more models that could be considered for Australian sale including the Doblo Work Up ute, The van version of the Doblo, which is also sold as the Opel Combo and Vauxhall Combo in Europe, could also be added, along with the small Fiorino van.

Like the Doblo, the Fiorino is not a Fiat-only model and is also badged as a Peugeot Bipper and Citroen Berlingo. Citroen vehicles, including the Berlingo, are imported to Australia by previous Fiat importer ATECO, so it would not have made much sense for it to bring both the Berlingo and Fiorino to sell against each other.

The Doblo Work Ute has just been introduced in the UK, which means Fiat is already producing it in right hand drive. 

It has a metal flat tray that is 4960mm long and 1870mm wide and has fold down sides and tailgate along with a metal ladder rack that also forms a barrier between the back of cab and cargo area and also features some tie down points.

Fiat says the tray holds three Euro pallets, which measure 1200mm by 800mm, or 33 boxes fruit. It is also able to carry a payload of 1000kg. 

The Work Up features a plastic surround below the tray, with in-built steps on each side. It also has a lockable fold-down flap below the tailgate, which allows access to a compartment designed for storage of long tools up to 2m long.

Two four-cylinder turbo diesel engines are available in Europe and both feature stop-start engine technology, which kills the engine when the vehicle comes to a halt and starts up again when the driver is ready to go again.

The entry-level unit is a 1.3-litre MultiJet with 66kW and 200Nm and should deliver fuel consumption of less than 5 litres per 100km. A 1.6-litre MultiJet engine is better suited for heavier loads, generating 77kW and 290Nm. It is expected to deliver fuel consumption of just above the 5L/100km mark.

The Work Up sits on rear multi-link suspension and comes standard with electronic stability control (ESC), anti-skid brakes and has a hill holder function to make the driver’s life a little easier. Front airbags are standard in Europe. Bluetooth phone connectivity and satellite navigation are available as options.