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Easy to fall for Audi A4

Affronted, I turned and found the cute blue Audi sitting in the office car park with my name on it.

It wasn't topless, it had four doors and while it may have been a little sporty in appearance, it still reminded me of something my mother would drive.

My mind was racing: could it compare, could it compete with the convertible, could he be right?

At least it had a sunroof.

Then I recalled Audi had sold more cars in the first quarter of 2005 than ever in its history and had read the accolades in advertisements appearing in The Advertiser.

Admittedly, at first I was apprehensive. After all, the car was blue. Translation: maybe a safe, older man's colour – for many men, blue shirts are a favourite – for safe, conservative cars.

But that impression changed when I slid behind the leather steering wheel into the comfortable leather seat, opened the sunroof, popped in a Jack Johnson CD ... and fell in love.

I'd been won over in a matter of minutes on the drive home. And while it wasn't a convertible, my hair was blowing with the open sunroof.

This was a car I could take home. A car I could drive for months, years. I fell for it! I was converted within minutes.

The Audi A4, which is priced from $49,950, had everything a thirtysomething woman would want: lush leather seats, clear-sounding entertainment unit, sporty steering wheel, spacious with plenty of get up and go – and who could forget the bloke-pulling perve value at the stop lights.

However, there were downfalls. It's a car you want to cruise in. In fact, I never did so much driving as when I road-tested the Audi A4. On the open road, the A4 is a delight. The drive to Port Willunga didn't seem nearly as long, even though I'd just missed the one-way freeway by minutes and took the long route.

The reason: there's barely any road noise, it cruises comfortably and made me feel like queen of the southern expressway on the return journey. And I did appreciate it.

But there was just one hitch: I want to change the colour. Doesn't red go faster and black is more stylish? You can see from above, I got my wish – if only for a short time.

It was terrific ... but then ...


Audi A4

Price: $49,950


Smooth, sleek drive

Comfy leather seats

Entertainment unit


Body colour