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Citroen C4 Cactus revealed

Citroen is known for being a bit quirky, and they've amped up that 'bit' to 'a whole lot' with the coming C4 Cactus, which has not moved far from its funky concept styling.

Set to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show next month, the C4 Cactus carries over most of the cues from last year's Frankfurt Cactus concept -- most notably the 'airbump' panels along the sides, designed both for visual impact and to protect the vehicle against the scuffs of real impact.

However the side openings  have been replaced by more conventional pillared windows, although blacked out to retain the appearance of a floating roof. And the concepts 'circuit board' headlights and tail-lights have been ditched in favour of normal LED clusters.

The interior has kept the vented leather upholstery on bench seats with strong metal  accents and the floating screens for instrumentation and infotainment.

Citroen has not yet revealed any drivetrain details for the C4 Cactus, however we expect the show reveal to include information on economy-focused petrol and diesel engines.