Casey's already revving over V8s

9 November 2012
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Casey's already revving over V8s
We actually improved the car after the first race, but there was nothing we could do from that far back on the grid.

Casey has not yet signed anything with anyone, but going on his bitter Twitter exchange with Mark Winterbottom last weekend, I can see he's getting really passionate about this sport.

I think he said something about some amateur driving by “Frosty” and Mark bit back. That should fuel some competitive racing in the future between the two if they ever get on track together. Hopefully we can learn from the Abu Dhabi weekend and make the racing a little more interesting next year.

The problem is that we share with Formula One over the weekend and are constrained in the number of practice and qualifying sessions. But we are the only support category over the whole weekend and there is a lot of dead track time so surely they can find some more track time for us in 2013. The three 12-lap sprint races were also too short. Our fans are used to longer and more strategic racing.

Longer races also would have introduced the factor of tyre degradation which throws up some interesting racing. And while I loved finally getting a chance to drive the full-length F1 circuit, I could see even from where I sat that it was boring for the fans.

With the long straight and fast-flowing corners the field very quickly gets spread out. Perhaps we should mix it up with some racing on the long circuit and some on the truncated track. We struggled with our car set-up early and ran out of time in the practice sessions to make inroads. And with limited qualifying, we were stuck back in the grid where it's difficult to make up ground on such short races.

We actually improved the car after the first race, but there was nothing we could do from that far back on the grid. The good news for us over the weekend was my starts. We had three great starts thanks to a new format we've been working on. I hopped on a plane straight after the F1 race and was in Melbourne for the Cup. I'm not really into horse racing and didn't have a bet. But if I had, I would have gone for one of the favourites and done my money, so just as well I didn't.