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Bent-eight backflip: AMG aiming to keep V8 for C63 and E63 with alterations to meet Euro7 emission standards - report

The M177 4.0-litre V8 is back on the workbench for redevelopment to meet Euro7.

The V8 might not be quite dead yet as far as AMG is concerned, with reports from insiders suggesting the venerable eight-cylinder engine could live on to meet strict emission standards with some modification.

Reliable reports from overseas say that underwhelming initial sales of the new turbo four-cylinder hybrid AMG C63S E Performance has prompted senior brass at AMG to move on reimplementing the V8.

In a massive backflip, it could see the engine reinstated in a modified hybrid form for the new C63 as well as the new E63 according to a report from US outlet Car and Driver, with the hybrid C63 remaining an option.

According to the report, which comes from a European correspondent for the outlet, senior engineers say only minor bodywork changes to the new C- and E-Class would be required to accommodate the engine, plug-in hybrid system and ancillary additions.

The current models of each sedan are also on the cards for a lifespan beyond 2028 according to insiders, which means there could be a V8 under the snout of some of AMG's models at the decade's end.

The M177 V8 could make its way back to the C-Class and E-Class by 2026, though its exact specifications by that point, after the redevelopment work is done, is hard to pin-point.

The V8 might not be quite dead yet as far as AMG is concerned. The V8 might not be quite dead yet as far as AMG is concerned.

It would at least need to provide performance competitive to the current four-cylinder C63, which boasts a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol four-cylinder engine and electric motor outputting 500kW and 1020Nm, enough for a 0-100km/h sprint in 3.4 seconds. The last AMG C63 could cover that in 4.0 seconds.

Currently, the M177 is found in a similar hybrid form in the AMG S63 E Performance and the GT63S E-Performance, where it makes 590kW/1430Nm and 620kW/1400Nm respectively with assistance from the hybrid system.

While AMG's hybridised S-Class isn't available for Australia, the GT63S E-Performance was this month priced for order in Australia at $399,900 before on-roads.

If the V8-powered C63S E Performance ends up in Australia, it might not cost that much, nor might its output figures quite match the big Benz's 620kW/1400Nm. Stay tuned.