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Aussies could be humming along

In July, GM Holden will begin importing the small H3 version of the box-shaped SUV made famous in the first Gulf War and by proud owners such as Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We will get the 3.7 litre in-line five-cylinder model, however, a 5.3-litre V8 H3 sport-ute is set for release in the US next year.

GM spokesperson Emily Perry said they had no plans to bring the V8-powered Hummer to Australia and that they had nearly 150 orders for the H3 since announcing pricing and specification at the Brisbane Motor Show in February.

The H3 five-cylinder petrol engine (180kW and 320Nm) will be married to either a five-speed manual or electronic four-speed automatic transmission.

This compares with the US V8 Alpha version which delivers 220kW and 430Nm through a four-speed auto and 4WD.

If you ache for something bigger and meaner, Performax International of Gympie converts left-hand-drive 5x2x2m H2 Hummers. The H2 boasts a six-litre Chev V8 which can be supercharged to deliver 242kW power and 495Nm torque.

GM Holden will import three South African built H3 models.

The base model ($51,990 manual, $53,990 auto) features stability control, traction control and ABS standard.

The more off-road capable H3 Adventure ($57,990 manual, $59,990 auto) has fully locking electronic rear differential and rugged suspension.

Top of the range is the Luxury with chrome trim exterior and leather interior ($59,990 auto only).

GM expects to sell 750 Hummers this year and 1400-1500 in a full year.