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16 women break Smart car stuffing record

A team of young dancers from New Zealand have broken the Guinness record for cramming into a Smart.

A group of 16 young New Zealand dancers have proved their world record flexibility by cramming into a two-seater Smart ForTwo to steal the Guinness crown. The team of women from the Candy Lane dance troupe managed to fit into the tiny Smart meet the Guinness World Record rules that required them to stay in the car with all doors and windows closed for five seconds.

The Kiwis took the record from the Vienna Vikings Cheerleaders, who managed to squeeze 15 of their group into the model last year – themselves taking it from the previous holders who had notched up 14 people just a few months before. But looking at the video of the Candy Lane dancers’ effort – which seemed to leave no square centimetre of the car empty -- it could be a while before anybody manages to knock off their crown.

Watch the 16 women break Smart car stuffing record video here.