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Top gift ideas for car lovers | Christmas 2016

Driving experiences are a great gift for any revhead.

From $20 to $2,000 here are ten great gift ideas for the revheads in your life.

Christmas shopping can be an ordeal, particularly if you're looking for something for someone who already has it all. If you need to buy a present for a car enthusiast, it's also wise to assume they're not as big a fan of stick figure family decals as 2012 was. Fear not, we're here to help.

Blipshift t-shirts - $15 (plus shipping)

Buying clothes as a gift can be a harrowing experience, but websites like Blipshift help eliminate at least some of the stress. Blipshift has featured, car-themed t-shirt designs that change daily, with each design disappearing forever after 24 hours. Each shirt is priced at $15 plus shipping. Blipshift designs are a lot more interesting than what you normally find at your local shopping centre.

Photobox printed teddy bear - $24.95 RRP

The perfect gift for a child. Or an adult. Anyone really. Who wouldn't like a teddy bear with a photo of their pride and joy on it?

Etsy car art - Prices vary

It can be hard for car lovers to find art or home decor that isn't styled like that old Ferrari poster they've had since they were thirteen. You know the one we mean. But now, thanks to sites like Etsy, it's a whole lot easier to find "tasteful", "grown-up" artwork that still lets you showcase your love for all things motoring. For those who've never used Etsy, it's a sort of digital arts and crafts fair. If you're looking for a recommendation, our pick would be a patent print, like this Ferrari F40, or Doc Emmet Brown's very own time-travelling DeLorean.

Tile - $25-$130 US RRP

Tile products attach to your car keys (or anything small and easily loseable). When you lose your keys (and at some point you WILL lose your keys) all you need to do is open the Tile app in your phone and the Tile will make noise, letting you know where you abandoned it. "But what if I've lost my phone?" we hear you ask? Well, then you can simply use a button on your Tile to remotely activate the app, then your phone will ring, whether it was on silent or not. "But what if I lose my keys AND my phone?" Well then we wish you the best of luck.

Cars of the King book - $34.00 RRP

Books always seem like an easier gift than they actually are. You know you're buying someone a book, sure, but then there's the question of "Which book?" What do they like? What do they already have? To take some of the hassle out, we recommend "Cars of the King" from the V8 Sleuth himself, Aaron Noonan. Cars of the King is a detailed history of every car raced by the King of The Mountain, Peter Brock, at The Mountain itself. (Santa, take note. -Ed)

Amazon Prime Video subscription - $8.99/month

Amazon Prime is where you'll find The Grand Tour, otherwise known as "definitely not Top Gear. No, really."  Aside from a free 30-day trial period (which will cover you for the first four episodes, FOR FREE), there is a range of plans to choose from. For "definitely not Top Gear" fans, we recommend the base monthly Prime Video service, which gives you access to Amazon Prime's video catalogue and all the Jeremy Clarkson you can handle.

Haynes V8 engine model kit - $99.99 RRP

Model kits are great gifts for any budding engineers or mechanics. We recommend this Haynes working V8 engine kit. That way you can buy it for someone, tell them that you bought them a V8 for Christmas, give them this, then laugh. Congratulations, you're now a dad.

Dyson V6 Car+Boat Extra vacuum cleaner - $449 RRP

It's amazing how filthy the interior of your car can actually get, especially if you have kids. Well, luckily for any parent who failed to enforce the "no food in the car" rule, Dyson's V6 Car+Boat Extra is here to help. Specifically designed to clean your car, Dyson claims it will take care of dirt-capturing upholstery and will get into any nook and cranny thanks to an assortment of detachable tools and nozzles. The motor also reportedly spins "three times faster than a Formula One engine." That a lot of revs.

Driving experiences - Prices range from $50-$800 RRP

If you're not a car enthusiast it can be easy to forget that not every car lover loves the same thing. For example, A dyed-in-the-mud off-roader probably won't get as much out of a V8 hot lap as your friend that only ever wears Holden racing merch. Since there are companies all over the country that offer all different driving experiences, it can be hard to find the right one. Instead of hunting through the swamp of options head to Red Balloon. Red Balloon aggregate experience packages from all over Australia. From classic car hire to V8 hot laps, there's bound to be something perfect for your revhead, no matter what they're into.

Camec Caravan Mover Elite $1,299-$1,850 RRP

You don't need to be an expert to know that caravans are awkward to tow and near-impossible to park. Rather than making a fool of yourself in the caravan park or throwing your back out trying to push your portable house into its spot, you can now buy devices that will let you park your caravan by remote control. Not only will this make your holiday easier but it will also look really cool when you park it. The Camec Caravan Mover Elite is the base model with Elite 2 and Elite Pro 2 also available.

Did we miss anything on your Christmas list? Tell us what you think in the comments below.