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Wheel Big Problem

I HAVE had a problem with the factory 20-inch rims on my 2007 BMW X5 cracking or going out of round. I have in the past nine years owned a few upmarket SUVs, including three X5s, a Discovery 3 and an ML Benz, all of which have been driven on the same roads and used for the same purpose with similar mileage. At the same time I have also owned several Porsche 911s, running 19-inch wheels, but I have only ever had a problem on the current X5. There has been a lot of discussion on the internet on whether the current rims and tyres supplied by BMW are fit for duty and many tales of cracking or performance failures. The X5 is an offroader, so surely this would mean BMW should at least supply durable wheels. BMW's response so far has been defensive and illogical. Are other readers having the same problem?

YOURS is the first we have had here at carsGuide. When we asked BMW about your concerns we were told they have had a handful of complaints about the X5, not necessarily the 20-inch rims, and in virtually all cases they have found that the tyres were under-inflated, and believe this is the reason for the problem. BMW recommends all owners check tyre pressure on a regular basis, which they believe would alleviate any problems with the wheels cracking.