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BMW has grown into one of the world's leading producers of prestige, luxury, SUV, sports and high-performance cars, petrol-electric hybrids, and electric cars, all promising the ultimate driving experience. There's a vast range made up of prestige and luxury hatches, sedans, wagons, coupes and convertibles, including 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series models. The SUVs include X1, X3, X4, X5 and X6. There's also the Z4 sports car and the M Sport high-performance range of M3, M4, M5, M6, X5 M and X6 M, and the i3 and i8 technological flagships.

Latest BMW reviews

BMW's 1 Series is a cheap ticket to a prestige badge for singles or young couples. A BMW for less than $40,000. That's the sales pitch for the BMW 1 Series . In the past this meant a bare-bones feature list and a reversing camera as an expensive option. But the most recent 1 Series comes with a promise of more value for money, matched to the same class-leading driving experience for the enthusiast. The...Read more
This is a BMW but not as we've known them. For as long as I can remember, BMW cars have been all about driving. Even the company slogan, The Ultimate Driving Machine, makes this promise for everything with the propeller badge. But this one, the Active Tourer in the 2 Series line-up , is all about family. It's not the ultimate in family machines but it makes a lot of sense for new-age nuclear families...Read more
With BMW sales soaring and more and more first-timers buying the BMW hype the company had to think about its entry-level model. The 3-Series had long been the route most baby beemers took to join the BMW club, but over time it had grown in size and cost, to the point that it was out of reach of many prospective buyers. NEW It was only natural then that BMW would build a smaller model that...Read more
Describing a BMW 1 Series as good-looking would rank about the same as ‘honest politician’ in terms of rarely-spoken phrases, but the refreshed second-generation model is set to change this. Unlike the polarising designs of the first two iterations, the cheapest model to wear the propeller badge has been nipped and tucked front and rear to give it the visual appeal it’s always deserved. The model lineup has also been shuffled, with mechanical tweaks and...Read more
Reversing cameras are finally part of the picture for BMW in Australia. After years of denial, the arrival of the updated 1 Series brings a standard camera across a BMW model line-up for the first time. The tail-end change is part of an update package that's headlined by Australian styling, thanks to Sydney-born designer Calvin Luk , and includes eight-speed auto, real-time traffic alerts, alloy wheels and automatic wipers on every 1 Series. BMW Australia...Read more
The 2 Series carrier comes close to being the complete mini people-mover package. Having for years mocked front-wheel-drive cars, BMW has finally embraced the idea — in the form of a family wagon. The car world has been eager to judge whether BMW's first attempt at the mainstream can bring some pizzazz to an otherwise mundane segment of the market. DESIGN Box-shaped hatchbacks are all the rage in Europe: they fit in the same parking...Read more
For years, BMW's most cherished brand value was its adherence to rear-wheel drive. That's what you needed for "the ultimate driving machine" and "pure driving pleasure". Then recently the penny dropped that to make small cars that are practical and efficient, sticking to that format simply doesn't work. Taking power from the bonnet to the rear axle is expensive to build and to run, and takes up too much space. The dogma was ditched and...Read more
My first commute in the BMW i3 didn’t get off to a great start. After a weekend of running about, the little electric hatchback was in need of a recharge and CarsGuide’s carpark had recently installed a dedicated recharging bay for electric vehicles. Part 1 - 14 May 2015 Sparks in the carpark It was impossible to miss the fact that this was an EV parking bay. It’s painted green, just as disabled spots are...Read more
BMW X6 is a fascinating cross between the BMW X5 station wagon and a five-door coupe. Performance is excellent if you buy one of the topline models like the BMW X6 50i in which we have just enjoyed an exciting week. Though the all-new X6 is bigger in most dimensions than the original model it's lighter, only by about 10kg, but this reduction in mass shows clever engineering. Big and bold on the outside, BMW...Read more
Pumping out a monstrous 423kW, the new F85 BMW X5 and F86 X6 Ms are the most powerful SUVs Australia has ever seen. Only the 450kW/1000Nm V12 G65 AMG trumps them on a global scale, but the megabuck German Hummvee has understandably been deemed too rich for our corner of the world. And besides, its antiquated chassis keeps it well behind the new Beemers in performance terms anyway. Either way, a high performance SUV might...Read more
The i3 is the start of future motoring according to BMW - a very bold statement that had us initially feeling sceptical, even cynical. However, the more time we spent at the wheel of the BMW i3 the more we smiled and agreed with BMW's apparently outrageous prediction. BMW (under different names) has been in the vanguard of design for almost a century. It began designing aircraft piston engines in 1916, then very-early jet engines...Read more
BMW's second-generation X3 has firmly cemented itself in BMW's expansive range. The first attempt at a mid-sizer was a bit of a dud to look at and not particularly brilliant to drive. The second cleared up both of those problems, and got a bit bigger into the bargain. The diesel X3s are cracking cars - smooth, fast and quiet. There's a bit of a secret in the range that some might skip over - the...Read more