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I think my dealership lied

I live in NSW, but have issues with a dealer in Qld.

They posted ads for a BMW X5 as a 2012 car and when I enquired online through the website I got an email “saying thank you for your enquiry, blah, blah, blah, and have brochure”. In that brochure it also mentioned 2012 MY12.

Long story short, I signed the contract without noticing that the car was shown as a 2012 MY11 because it is built in Nov 2010 and complianced in March 2012. Now, if I cancel the contract, I will lose my deposit. I know that it is not much different, however, I confronted them with the issue and they had so many excuses, saying it is my fault to sign the contract. I know that it is partly my fault, but what I'd like to know is if they misled in their ads? Is there anything I can do? I don't want them to do it to other people.

If they won’t come to the party and help you out you could go to the NSW consumer affairs people and ask for their advice. You could also contact the consumer affairs people in Queensland, as the dealer is based there, and would come under the Queensland law. I doubt that you will get far, however, as you signed the contract without properly checking it.