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What's the most reliable 4x4 diesel ute?

I need to find a reliable 4x4 diesel ute with canopy asap after my ever reliable Courier was written off. I am a long way from anywhere, so not able to get there and test drive, and need I will need it freighted. My funds are limited to around $10,000. There is such a variance in price on those of the same year. I have tried to weed out those with service history and lower kays for age. Is an older Ford – 2008 to 2011 the better choice or are there some others I should look at in the same vintage?

Buying a car sight unseen is not a good idea. I would go for on of the big three: HiLux, Triton, or Courier. They are all much of a muchness when you get to the used car market. The important things are service history, odo reading, and previous use.