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Should I buy an iLoad with 200,000 km?

We are thinking of buying a 2014 Hyundai iLoad that has done 200,000 km. We want to fit it out as a campervan. Have you heard of any problems with the iLoad gearbox after 150,000 km? Do you think it would make it to 400,000 km?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
22 September 2017

There are no major problems to be concerned about, the iLoad is generally sound, but the vehicle you are thinking of buying has done 200,000 km in three years. That would suggest it has been used as a delivery vehicle, so look closely at its history and the possibility that it has had a hard life. Before doing anything make sure it has been regularly serviced. Given regular servicing there is no reason the iLoad won’t do 400,000 km.