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Saab or MG convertible?

I want to buy a convertible and I'm looking at either a Saab 93 Linear convertible or a MG F or TF VVC convertible. Given that both models are no longer made, I wanted to get some advice as to which would be a better buy for $6000-7000?

It really depends on what you want to do with the car, as they are quite different, the Saab being a four-seater and the MG a two-seater and sportier. If you want a cruiser capable of taking your friends along as well the Saab is probably the better option, if you're not worried about taking others with you on your ride the MG presents an appealing choice. With either one you would need to find a mechanic who knows the brad and their quirks, and be prepared to spend more on keeping them on the road than other brands. If you chose the MG I would recommend join the MG Car Club and enjoy the car on club events.