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Renault Megane RS Cup 280 2019: Warranty issues

We recently purchased a 2019 Renault Megane RS Cup 280. On arrival at the dealer, we did the obligatory walk around to check that the car was in good order. On inspection, we noted that the glass contained milky deposits in it, there was debris under the windscreen in the A-pillar, rust spots in the chrome trim, and there was paint damage in a couple of locations, including where the boot lid was misaligned and rubbing through. It looked as if they had tried to spot repair most of it. Not something you can do on their Red Metallic paint and not what you would expect on a new car. The solution put forward by them was to have a touch-up guy do more spot fixes. We advised this was not acceptable, and in agreement advised we would take it to a panel shop for appraisal on how to fix. This fix has now been returned and looks in the vicinity of $5000. Renault have stated they will give us $5000, but the warranty on the vehicle ends there in regards paint and panel. We responded, no way. Is this generally something they can do, and where would I be in three years time if the paint starts flaking-off or a tail light stops working?

I wouldn’t have even started talking to them about fixing it; I would have walked away and refused to take delivery of the car. But having started negotiating with them about a fix they have recommended the touch-up guy, that’s then their responsibility and you have the choice of accepting the work done or rejecting it. By going to another panel shop you are taking responsibility for the repair and I’m not surprised that Renault would refuse any warranty on the panel and paint thereafter. Have them do the repairs, don’t get involved yourself; you are only muddying the waters.