Pajero oil leak

I noted that there was oil around the bell housing on my 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero at around 1000 km. Presuming that it was the rear main seal leaking it was mentioned to the dealer at the 1500 km service, but was told that it was a common problem with the Pajero and they would monitor it. As an operator of machinery for the last 40 years I am not happy with this reply, as I know a seal is meant to seal, not weep. The car is coming up for the 15,000 km service and the problem is still there. I would like your thoughts.

You're right, a seal is meant to seal, not leak. My guess is that if is a weep and not a full blown leak the dealer will want to continue to "monitor" it, whatever they might mean by that. I would get on the front foot with them and demand that it be fixed, it is only likely to get worse and probably leave you with the bill to fix it after the warranty has expired. Get it fixed now and should be no further concern about it.