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Mazda 3 2019: Screen not working

Two weeks ago we bought a 2019 Mazda3. A week later we had problems with the navigator screen going completely dead whilst driving, and the radio went dead too. Phoned up Mazda dealer who told us to call NRMA. When I was talking to dealer on Bluetooth, he told me to press the home button and then even the Bluetooth went dead. Now our new Mazda has been at the dealer for two days and he told us to collect car, as there is nothing wrong with it. We insisted that what happened to us after one week is unacceptable, so he agreed to change the navigator screen. I have paid $30,000 for this car, but now I am very stressed as to why Mazda does not want to replace my car? Please help us. Should we have a new car instead of the one that gave us trouble after one week?

It’s far too soon to be thinking about asking for another car. It’s under warranty and Mazda is required to fix any problems that might crop up. Let the dealer replace the screen as they have offered to do, and hopefully that will fix the problem and your concerns.