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Lexus RX350 2007: Are they reliable?

 I love my 2007 Lexus RX350L, but it is now in the repair shop. It made a ticking sort of noise.

I had it towed and they first said it wouldn’t be much because nothing goes wrong with these cars. Anyway, no such luck, the words used by the mechanic were "it’s catastrophic". Apparently a bolt from the rear seal dropped out, jammed and broke off two other bolts. I stopped listening after that. It's just under $10,000 for repairs. The few mechanics I have spoken too say they have never heard of that happening, especially to a good Lexus motor. Have you ever heard of this happening? Could it be a manufacturing fault?

Anyway, any help you can give would be appreciated.

It’s unlikely that a manufacturing fault should show up after 11 years. I suspect that you’re just unlucky and its one of those freak thing that can happen. Even the best cars sometimes break down.