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Is RX350 Sport Luxury missing a safety feature?

I recently signed up a contract to purchase a 2016 Lexus RX350 Sport Luxury and the car is to arrive to Australia in August. There are three models within the RX350 range, the Luxury, F Sport and Sport Luxury, but it seems the top-of-the-range is actually missing the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management setup. My understating is that it links the traction control, electronic stability and brakes and helps the car regain control when it loses traction. I can't see why Lexus, after charging an extra $6000 for the top-range model, has decided not to include this seemingly important safety feature. Can you please tell me whether the sport luxury model is missing this or not?

Lexus says all of the individual features in the package are fitted to the Sport Luxury but they are not linked because that setup is focused on performance driving and it was not regarded as a priority for the luxury flagship.