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Honda CR-V 2018: Does my car need an oil change?

We purchased a 2018 Honda CRV and took delivery in April 2018. At 4500 km the computer came up with a sign that it needed an oil change soon. We called Honda and were told that it would require an oil change within the
next 1000 km. We called and questioned it as within the service manual it clearly states that it is every 12 months or 10,000 km. We were told that it was due to the driving conditions. This car is used under normal daily commute duties, school drop-offs and the occasional weekend daily road trip. Furthermore, Honda said that if we didn't conduct the oil change it would void the warranty. Again we questioned then what was the veracity of the service interval, as we couldn’t be conducting oil changes three times a year in what we consider to be standard driving conditions. Finally, the service manager just referred to the confidence that the oil monitoring system was doing its job and the oil would be required to be changed. We have never had this situation in any other vehicle brand we've had. Please share your thoughts.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
21 September 2018

There doesn’t appear to be anything in your regular driving routine that is out of the ordinary, nothing that would demand more frequent oil changes. I would question the advice you have been given by the dealer and Honda, and I would ask that the oil monitoring system be checked to see that it isn’t giving false readings.