Holden Cruze navigation

The navigation system in my 2012 Holden Cruze appears to be way off and does not know where it is going. It is really frustrating. Holden service advised me the maps were 18 months behind - surely they could be a bit more up to date? Not only that but the radio does not even turn on, and the screen is black until I turn the car off and on again, not to mention how hot the storage compartment is that is above the whole unit in the dash. I had some coins in it and when I reached in to get them they burnt my hand. After you intervened and asked Holden to help out the radio was replaced. I have to say that Fred from Holden Customer Service was absolutely fabulous, he kept me informed, dealt with the dealership for me, and called every time he said he would. In this day and age there is no Customer Service, however I plan on sending the Manager a note to say how good he is at his job. Nevertheless, my car has been recalled twice now for other issues, as well as an open case left on the radio that the engineers are aware of with a black screen. This has only happened so far to me twice since the new install and it was only momentary so if it happens again I will just call Fred. Thank you so much for your assistance, as without it I would be nowhere with the dealership, they were not interested in looking into it for me, which is a little disheartening. I am just so grateful that you were able to get me the assistance that I needed which came in the form of Fred from Holden Customer Service.

It's sad that it takes outside pressure to get action, but it's nice to know that there are people in customer service at Holden that do a good job. Happy to be of assistance.