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Peter Mildenhall ASKED THE GUIDE

Good option for boat towing?

I am happily driving a Suzuki Grand Vitara that you recommended some time ago but it's time to upgrade to something a bit bigger. I've been looking at the Jeep Grand Cherokee and I like the Holden Colorado twin-cab or the seven-seater. I have also looked at the Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger, which is too big. I tow a 12-foot boat with some camping gear in it and only go on dirt tracks along the Murray River about eight times a year.

Paul Gover ANSWERED BY Paul Gover
19 January 2015

Comparing utes and SUVs is tough. I get complaints from Grand Cherokee owners, the HiLux is being replaced soon and the Outlander is nothing special. The Colorado SUV is probably best for you but drive a Hyundai Santa Fe before you commit.