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Ford Ranger shudder

We have noticed that the clutch shudders in our 2009 Ford PK Ranger XLT crew-cab 4X4 3.0-litre diesel manual. We bought it new and it has only done 30,000 km on speedo. It's only used on holidays when we tow a 12-foot off-road caravan weighing 1630 kg. Our dealer contacted Ford and was told that our model had been fitted with a heavy-duty clutch as they were problems with earlier models and that the shudder was normal for a heavy-duty clutch when towing up to 3 tonnes. Is this correct or are they just putting us off until our warranty expires?

We have had reports of clutch troubles with the Ranger and the clutch in yours I would suggest has probably warped. They overheat quite quickly if you slip the clutch even just a little, like when you take off while the vehicles is loaded or towing a trailer, and once that happens the clutch warps and will forever shudder until it's replaced. I think Ford is clutching at straws on that one.