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Anthony Geiszler ASKED THE GUIDE

Ford Ranger service charges

After having the 20,000 km service done on my 2008 2.5-litre turbo diesel Ford Ranger I noticed the engine cover and valve covers etc. had not been removed to check the valve clearances, which is a service item at 20,000 km according to the manufacturer's log book. When I checked the dealer explained that it is no longer done at 20,000 km. If this is the case I feel Ford should have sent all owners a letter outlining the change to service items. Is the dealer pulling my leg after they were caught out or should the valve clearances have been checked? If it is no longer done I feel the $605 I was charged for a fuel and oil filter, change of oil and repacking wheel bearings is completely unacceptable.

We were told that the valve clearances are no longer done at 20,000 km, as the dealer told you. We understand it is now done at 80,000 km. As for the charge you need to discuss that with the dealer, and bear in mind that dealers are charging upwards of $140 per hour for work done in their shops.