Corolla warning light

A couple of months ago my father noticed that a warning light (VSC) in the 2010 Toyota Corolla had come on. The dealer did some "tweaks" and the warning light was gone, but it came on again a few weeks later. The dealer made some more "tweaks" and mentioned this time that it if it happened again they would need to take the car away for three weeks to dismantle the engine to find the cause. Guess what? It?s happened again! My dad isn?t young anymore and is very stressed over this. He is very unhappy that his new car has such a serious issue. Does he have any claim to a replacement car?

It can be very distressing when a new car has a problem that the dealer can’t solve, but at this stage the dealer is trying to fix it so your father should remain calm and support the dealer in his efforts. At the same time he should be firm with the dealer and insist that the dealer demonstrate to him that the car is indeed fixed. Hand the car over to the dealer and leave it with them, and do not take it back until he is convinced the problem is fixed. We don’t have “lemon” laws in this country so getting a replacement vehicle is up to the discretion of the carmaker, in this case Toyota. I don’t believe you have got to the point where a replacement is justified.

Under the Australian Consumer Law introduced in January 2011, a consumer can request a refund or a replacement for persistent problems if the car doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to do.