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Mazda BT-50 2016: Suspension and servicing problems

I have purchased around 28 2016 Mazda BT50's for a service fleet and I'm having issues with the suspension and Mazda are refusing to do anything. I have a service report from a Mazda dealer that recommends that the suspension should be upgraded but still they refuse. I will never buy another Mazda of any description again, not due to the suspension but the fact they do not want to admit or take responsibility. I believe that these vehicles are dangerous and would like to hear from anyone else with similar problems.

Your complaint about the suspension is quite a common one with one-tonne utes, not only with Mazdas, but many other brands as well. It's a message that should be heeded by anyone buying a one-tonne ute with the intention of putting it to work. Before you commit have it assessed by a suspension expert to establish if it really is up to the task you have in mind, or does it need upgrading. Your complaint about the company not reacting to your problem is not uncommon either, and it's not just from one company. There seems to be an industry wide reluctance to properly deal with customer concerns.