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2011 HSV Maloo ute GPS concern

I have concerns regarding the GPS in my 2011 HSV Maloo ute. When travelling on the Monash Freeway, outbound, with instructions to head towards Frankston, the GPS on occasions instructs to turn right where no off ramps or roads exist. Also when travelling in the Burnley Tunnel, I'm constantly instructed to turn left into concrete walls. Also, Peninsula Link is indicated on the screen as a faint thin line that disappears as the vehicle proceeds along it. My dealer has advised me that my vehicle has the very latest 2013 GPS update installed, and that there is nothing else that they can do to rectify the problem. I feel that this situation is intolerable. Can you please advise at to what my next step should be?

By your description it would seem that you haven't got the latest update, or that Holden is lagging way behind. As you've reached a dead-end with the dealer you should escalate the issue to corporate level and approach Holden directly.