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Car fabric and leather protection: Is it worth it?

Protecting your car's interior means it should wear less. (image: Richard Berry)

Keeping your car factory fresh and well looked-after is a hard task in Australia. While the brilliant sunny days mean we can enjoy our wonderful outdoors at will, the extreme UV from the sun and harsh temperatures play havoc with our vehicle paint and interiors leading to cracked or faded trim.

Protecting your car's interior means it should wear less, which will keep it nicer to sit in and keep the resale higher than a similar car with worn trim. Thankfully there is a range of products which provide UV protection for car interiors, some offered as a complete kit or package, which will look after fabric or leather plus plastics and glass.

If you're going out to buy a new car, make sure to compare the new car leather protection or new car fabric protection products offered by the dealer against those products offered by professional aftermarket detailers.

Any good, professional detailer will have products that you can have applied to your car's paint and interior to ensure they stay feeling fresh. However, if you don't want to pay someone to apply these, then you can easily DIY at home in your own garage.

Even if you buy a second-hand car you can buy many good quality car leather protection products from automotive supply stores like Supercheap Auto, Repco, Autobarn, or Auto Pro. Most of the top-quality products cost under $50 and will take less than an hour to apply to a car's interior, keeping it feeling and smelling fresh.

Watch out spraying silicon-based products like Armor All on your car's dashboard. Ailicon releases a chemical in direct sun, leading to a smoky haze misting up the inside of your windscreen. Keeping a glass cleaning microfibre cloth in your car's centre console is a great way to prevent this from limiting your vision while driving.

Do you use any car care products for the interior of your car?