Toyota Camry Engine Problems

Toyota Camry Sportivo 2003: Jumpy when started

Answered by CarsGuide 14 Jun 2019

Is it ‘jumpy’ every time you start it, or perhaps only when the engine is cold? If it is the latter it could be that it’s not getting the correct enrichment and that could be a temperature sensor issue on the motor. If it happens every time you start up it could be that the engine needs a tune-up.

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Toyota Camry 2014: How long do the hybrid batteries last?

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Jul 2018

The batteries used in Toyota hybrids have been good for many hundreds of thousands of kilometres, so it’s surprising that yours has failed after so few kilometres and just four years old. I would approach Toyota and put your case for a refund to them.

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Toyota Camry 1998: How often should the timing belt be replaced?

Answered by CarsGuide 7 Nov 2017

It can be found in your car’s service book, but it’s 100,000 km.

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Which one to buy? A Toyota Camry or Volkswagen Jetta?

Answered by CarsGuide 6 Oct 2017

If you want a reliable ride go for the Camry, buying the Jetta is a gamble, which could end up being an expensive one.

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Reliable used 4-cylinder cars?

Answered by CarsGuide 7 Apr 2017

With a limited budget like yours I would suggest to go for a car with a good reliability record. While the Mercedes-Benz is a good car you are likely to be facing an expensive repair if anything should go wrong. Consider a Mitsubishi 380 or a Toyota Camry of around 2000-2003.

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Holden Commodore: What's a good replacement?

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Feb 2017

All of the cars you name meet your criteria of size, economy, performance and handling.

You could also add the Mazda3 and 6 to the list.

Of all of those I would nominate the Camry as the great all-rounder.

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Toyota Camry 2015: Engine making abnormal noise at 2000rpm

Answered by CarsGuide 21 Nov 2016

Without being able to hear the noises firsthand it's hard to say if they are normal or not, and what might be causing them. It's normal for the idle speed to be high when the engine is first started and then settle down once running is established. The second noise when accelerating through 2000 rpm is hard to diagnose. You won't get it when the engine is in Park or Neutral because the engine is not under load as it is when it's in Drive. Your best course of action is to have a mechanic listen to it.

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Toyota Camry 2016: What is the hybrid battery life?

Answered by CarsGuide 1 Aug 2016

The Camry Hybrid is a very good car that gets The Tick from me. On the battery front, companies don't talk about the cost because they are expected to last for the life of the car and they generally provide assistance if there are dramas. I know of Toyota Prius taxis in Queensland that have covered more than 350,000km on the original battery.

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Nissan X-Trail: Fuel consumption and oil changes

Answered by CarsGuide 27 May 2016

The CVT oil should be changed every 100,000km. As for the fuel consumption it's best to do a check yourself by measuring how much fuel it is actually using. Judging the consumption by how far the gauge falls is very inaccurate, and I wouldn't stake my life on the fuel consumption gauges in the car. Do an actual measurement and you will know exactly what the consumption is. Nissan claims an average of 9.1L/100km, 7.7L/100km on country driving, and 11.5L/100km on city use. I would expect your car would fall somewhere between 9.1 and 11.5L/100km.

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Toyota Camry 1999: Bad smell after catalytic converter replaced

Answered by CarsGuide 17 May 2016

It's what's called "seasoning" of the catalytic converter, basically as it burns in during early use. In a lot of cars, especially in the early days of converters, there was a rotten-egg smell from the exhaust gases. So, in my experience, nothing to worry about.

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