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29 March 2019

We know Australian speed limits suck, but this map will show you where they don't

By Matthew PritchardMatthew Pritchard

We've all seen enough Russian dashcam compilations to know for sure that Russian roads are basically Mad Max but with snow. Right?

Wrong! Of course Russia has road rules, even a speed limit, just take a squiz at the above map. (Side note: I'm not sure whether the rules apply to tanks or three Ladas turned into a fidget spinner, so there's that)

This handy-dandy guide, originally showing up on Wikipedia and created by user Amateria1121, illustrates all the countries of the world in a paint by numbers-style corresponding to the national maximum speed limit, and it's an interesting read.

For example, if you ever felt like Australian speed limits were too low, well compared to a lot of other countries, they are! So, you were right! Kind of. The Northern Territory is a bit different so it's slightly easier to hoon your way to crocodile country. Just please hoon safely and responsibly, know the rules of the road and what the penalties are for breaking them. Not to mention the possibility of, you know, horribly injuring yourself or someone else before you even have a chance to see a crocodile.

Come to think of it, we've got plenty of articles that can help with that. Driving safely, that is. Not croc spotting. Although Marcus Craft might have a few tips. Wait, where was I?

The map isn't just interesting for Australians, look at the US for example. The east and west coasts have the same speed limit as most of Australia and the UK, but for some reason states in the middle of the country are a bit faster, suggesting that they're not only 'flyover' states but also 'fly-through' states. Saying nothing of course about Texas which has one of the highest speed limits in the world. Huh, I guess things really are bigger there. Who knew?

Worth noting, 'drive friendly' is the actual, real slogan on the sign. Worth noting, 'drive friendly' is the actual, real slogan on the sign.

Russia, funnily enough, has a lower speed limit than Texas, and is on the same level as most of Europe. Which does make you wonder about some of those dashcam videos.

If you want to have a more detailed read, check out the original Wikipedia entry here, and you can find a whole, downloadable copy of the map here. The coolest part is that the map is constantly updated, so the one you're looking at here is the most recent (updated on the 22nd March 2019) but it will probably change over time. How cool is Wikipedia!

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