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Articles by Marcus Craft

Marcus Craft

Marcus Craft

Editor - Adventure

Raised by dingoes and, later, nuns, Marcus (aka ‘Crafty’) had his first taste of adventure as a cheeky toddler on family 4WD trips to secret fishing spots near Bundaberg, Queensland. He has since worked as a journalist for more than 20 years in Australia, London and Cape Town and has been an automotive journalist for 18 years.

This bloke has driven and camped throughout much of Australia – for work and play – and has written yarns for pretty much every mag you can think of.

The former editor of 4X4 Australia magazine, Marcus is one of the country’s most respected vehicle reviewers and off-road adventure travel writers.

The Nissan Navara has never garnered the same fanatical support as its rival the Toyota HiLux continues to attract but, nevertheless, it has quietly built a solid reputation and fanbase among ute lovers throughout the country. In recent years, Nissan’s cycle of tweaks and updates to its D23 series...Read more
Few vehicles can compete with the Suzuki Jimny in terms of pure dialled-in driver bliss straight from the showroom and out onto the dirt. This little Zook exists in the rarified air of a vehicular realm only otherwise occupied by the likes of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon , Toyota 70 Series and Land...Read more
The Nissan Navara has always been a comfortably reasonable ute* that’s never neared the sales heights or popularity of the Toyota HiLux or Ford Ranger, but it has, nonetheless, attracted plenty of passionate fans (#navlife anyone?). (*Before all of you Nav enthusiasts get offended by my opening...Read more
The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is one of the best adventure-ready stock-standard 4WDs in Australia. In recent months, much to the delight of Jeep fans here, the brand’s short wheelbase two-door in Rubicon guise, dubbed the Recon, has been made available in Australia, but in limited numbers only (40*)...Read more
The BT-50 has attracted its fans over the years, even with quite a polarising front-end look in recent years. Well, last year Mazda ushered in a new phase for the ute with a line-up now built on a platform shared with the Isuzu D-Max * – not the Ford Ranger as it had been before – and a...Read more
Adventure vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and the motorhome is one of the biggest and most versatile home-away-from-home mobile accommodation options there is. Well-known RV company Avida has recently launched its new motorhome range, Avida Busselton, a self-contained motorhome with a kitchen...Read more
With the ever-growing popularity of kitted-out off-roaders straight from the showroom, car manufacturers are busy capitalising on the fact that many people prefer the convenience of buying a tourer that is already fitted with aftermarket equipment from the car yard, over buying a vehicle and then...Read more
If you want to get stuck into a bit of outdoor adventure, but you’re not keen on sleeping in a swag or a tent, and you really don’t like the idea of towing a camper-trailer or caravan, then maybe a camper van will work for you. This is VW’s T6.1 California Beach camper van – it looks pretty retro...Read more

Volkswagen’s upcoming high-performance Amarok, the W580, will carve its...Read more

If you're in the market for a Ford Ranger and you can't quite justify spending the big bucks on the line-up's off-road-ready Raptor – $77,690 (plus on-road costs) – but you won't settle for an XLT, then perhaps the FX4 Max might satisfy your desire for a Ford ute. Ford has already pretty much made...Read more
There’s a confusion of choice in the realm of mid-size SUVs with refreshed ranges becoming available almost as fast as the Prime MInister’s vaccine photo-ops. The Honda CR-V VTi-LX all-wheel drive tops the model line-up and has a near-$50k price-tag to match – but is it worth that much? Read on...Read more
A single-cab chassis is about the purest form of ute you can get. Traditionally, they were purpose-built for work, and work only, with very few concessions, if any, to comfort or safety. Well, times sure have changed and the days of assuming that driving a single-cab chassis ute for any length of...Read more
The Ford Transit Custom DCiV is a commercial van, purpose-built for long work days and for clocking up lots of kilometres with a load onboard. But, as well as its load space, the DCiV (double cab in van) has six seats inside, so it has cargo- and passenger-carrying capability. So, is it worth your...Read more

Grey nomads are a very clever mob. And you’d certainly hope that’s the...Read more

The Ford Ranger has consistently kept the bar pretty high for utes in terms of all-round drivability, functionality and comfort. However, it does feel a tad old, especially when compared to newer, fresher and more tech- and value-packed offerings, such as the Isuzu D-Max . But Ford’s top-tier...Read more

Grey nomads are a peculiar bunch – yet at the same time, they’re quite...Read more

Utes – especially dual-cab utes – occupy the hallowed turf that lay between being purely a work vehicle and being a daily driver/recreational vehicle. But in attempting to strike the right balance between the two purposes, utes end up being a bit of a compromise in one direction or the other – as...Read more
The Audi A4 allroad is the off-roader of the A4 line-up. I’m using the term ‘off-roader’ loosely here because this wagon is obviously best suited to daily duties in a city and suburbs, with perhaps an occasional foray into very light off-roading, i.e. driving on a well-maintained gravel or dirt...Read more
Toyota’s HiLux has had a passionate legion of fans for a long time – but it has also attracted a fair few naysayers through the years. The brand’s ongoing woes with DPF (diesel particulate filter) strife have only emboldened those negative voices, but those same woes don't seem to have impacted the...Read more