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Articles by Marcus Craft

Marcus Craft

Marcus Craft

Editor - Adventure

Raised by dingoes and, later, nuns, Marcus (aka ‘Crafty’) had his first taste of adventure as a cheeky toddler on family 4WD trips to secret fishing spots near Bundaberg, Queensland. He has since worked as a journalist for more than 20 years in Australia, London and Cape Town and has been an automotive journalist for 18 years.

This bloke has driven and camped throughout much of Australia – for work and play – and has written yarns for pretty much every mag you can think of.

The former editor of 4X4 Australia magazine, Marcus is one of the country’s most respected vehicle reviewers and off-road adventure travel writers.

The Jeep Wrangler is a very capable 4WD with real bush credibility, there's no disputing that, but just how much does something like the line-up's mid-range variant, the 2019 Overland, rest on the laurels of the brand's 'Trail Rated' heritage? It's not a very practical daily driver and it has less...Read more
Automotive journalists are normal people, just like you. (But maybe not like that weird bloke sitting across from you on the train, right now. Don't look at him!) We car journos laugh, we cry and we're also prone to becoming caught up in nostalgia-fuelled fever dreams when the likes of something...Read more

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The 2019 Ford Transit Custom 300S short wheelbase van arrives in an already busy market segment. It has always had a loyal following, however, the Transit has consistently been overshadowed by Toyota's HiAce and the like. Sure, this new Transit is a nice-driving feature-packed van and it's more...Read more

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Small or compact four-door SUVs have found favour with those who might usually climb into a hatch but, for whatever reasons, are now looking to a vehicle with the ability, actual or otherwise, of being sporty and even a little bit outdoorsy. The reality is most of these vehicles will spend their...Read more

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The V6 X-Class is big, bold and bloody expensive – and it has segment-topping safety tech– but its price-tag swiftly climbs above more than $80,000 when you start adding one of the many optional extras and is it really worth that much beyond the cache of the badge? Really? Sure, the bigger engine...Read more

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Compact SUVs are marketed as fresh, fun and capable of a few cheeky off-the-bitumen adventures – but are they really able to get you to your campsite? Especially the 2WD variants? Hyundai's Kona is at the forefront of a continuing wave of compact SUVs . We took a 2WD top-spec Highlander out bush to...Read more
The term SUV (sports utility vehicle) is a vague catch-all bunch of words. It has US origins and we Aussies now use it to describe any car marketed as an adventure-type go-anywhere vehicle. The problem is not all vehicles advertised as SUVs are capable of going much further than the wet-grass...Read more

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