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29 January 2018

Senna's Monaco Mac to Sell

By Iain KellyIain Kelly
This car gave Senna's five race wins, and second place in the '93 Driver's Championship. (image credit: Classic and Performance Car)

​Formula One races don't get bigger than the Monaco Grand Prix, and Modern F1 legends don't get much bigger than Ayrton Senna. So imagine how bonkers it will be when Bonhams auction Senna's '93 Monaco GP-winning McLaren-Ford MP4/8A this coming May.

While the red-and-white Big Macs had asserted dominance over F1 in the '80s the Ford V8 they used in the early '90s wasn't a patch on Williams' new Renault V10. That made Senna's five race wins, including the Monaco one, and second place in the Driver's Championship all that more special.

It would be his last season in a McLaren and last full season in F1 before his untimely death at Imola, 1994.

The MP4/8A being sold is Chassis #6 and no estimates have been provided for a sale price. We would bank on it being well into the millions, however!

Iain Kelly is the motorsport enthusiast behind The Creators online.

How much do you think Senna's F1 car will go for? Let us know in the comments.