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8 May 2019

NASCAR-powered Charger racer brought back from the dead

By Iain KellyIain Kelly

Sports sedans were the wildest tin-top race cars to take to Aussie race tracks for decades. With thundrous injected V8s set back into the cabin, tube-frame chassis, inboard suspension, lightweight bodies, and gargantuan aero, they blended F1, NASCAR, and Le Mans.

While the class shrank in popularity in the 1990s, South Australia has spearheaded the revival of classic 1970s Sports Sedans. Jason Waye of Tuff Mounts and the Muscle Garage workshop has been integral part in saving a bunch of epic ex-racers, but it's arguable none had the standing of Clem Smith's Valiant Charger.

The former owner of Mallala race track built this Charger Sports Sedan back in the heyday of the class. After Clem passed away the Charger was looking a bit sad from years in storage, so Jason and his Muscle Garage crew did the needy for the new owner and got it back to stunning condition.

Turn the volume on the video up and listen to the 5.9-litre Dodge NASCAR V8 sing as the car turns its first laps at its former owner's track.

Should more classic Sports Sedans make a comeback? Let us know in the comments.