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23 May 2018

Master versus apprentice - does the 86 beat the OG AE86?

By Iain KellyIain Kelly

The new-age Toyota 86 was inspired (and named after) the original rear-drive AE86 Sprinter model which is to drifting what the Ford Escort is to rallying, or the Ford Falcon is to touring cars. So, which is better at drifting?

Beau Yates is the Aussie bloke who could answer that as he carries the keys to these two professionally finished, top-level drift cars. He started out driving the AE86 over a decade ago and now has done this super cool video drifting both through the warehouse at Toyota Material Handling in Australia.

Sit back, crank up the sound and enjoy the sight of one of our best drifters giving his two animals an absolute bollocking!

Iain Kelly is the revhead behind The Creators Online.