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30 January 2018

$4mil barn-find Ferrari and Cobra blows minds!

By Iain KellyIain Kelly

Barn-finds are awesome when someone stumbles across a hyper-rare muscle car, or European exotic. But what about being the lucky bloke who opens the door on a ‘60s Ferrari, a big block Shelby Cobra, plus a Triumph TR6, Morgan roadster and even an all-wheel-drive E30 BMW!

Hagerty Insurance’s Tom Cotter, known as the Barn Find Hunter, has blown classic car enthusiasts’ minds over the years but his latest find trumps them all. Sitting in a garage in North Carolina since 1991 are two of the most desirable sports cars of the ‘60s, including a 428 big-block-powered Shelby Cobra 427, a ‘67 Ferrari 275 GTB two-cam. There is also a Triumph TR6 and Morgan roadster, though the show-stoppers are the Ferrari and Shelby.

These cars were reportedly left to sit due to the owner’s mechanic passing away in a motorcycle crash in 1991, and the mechanic being the only person the owner would trust with the cars.

All cars will need significant work before they can even be started, though that won’t hurt values as the Ferrari is a genuine original 13,000 mile-old two-owner car. Early indications put the value for the Cobra and Ferrari alone at $4,000,000 (USD).

Iain Kelly is the Barn Find Hunter behind The Creators Online.

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