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Nissan Terrano II
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Nissan Terrano II Pricing and Specs

2000 price from

The Nissan TERRANO II is available from $4,300 to $7,590 for the 2021 across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2000 $4,300 $7,590
1999 $4,300 $7,590
1998 $4,300 $7,590
1997 $4,300 $7,590


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  • What are the most common Nissan Terrano problems/issues that a potential buyer should be aware of?

    Nissan Terrano II problems are often related to poor running or rough idling. This can usually be traced back to the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor which `reads’ the amount of air going into the engine and passes that information on to the engine’s computer. Some poor running or difficult starting is also often blamed on the fuel pump or injector pump problems, but is often the fault of the fuel lines which can leak and allow air to enter the fuel system.

    Difficulty in selecting gears in the manual gearbox version often means a worn out transmission, while a humming or whining noise at speed can point to worn wheel bearings. The turbocharger on the Terrano II is also a wearing part and poor performance or a whistling noise under load suggest wear in this area.

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