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2010 Nissan Micra
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2010 Nissan Micra Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Nissan Micra 2010 is priced from $4,950 for Hatchback Micra (base).

The Nissan Micra 2010 is available in Regular Unleaded Petrol.

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Nissan Micra Models SPECS PRICE
(base) 1.4LRegular Unleaded Petrol4 speed automatic $3,000 – 5,170
City Collection 1.4LRegular Unleaded Petrol4 speed automatic $2,800 – 4,730
ST 1.2LRegular Unleaded Petrol4 speed automatic $2,300 – 3,960
ST 1.2LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed manual $2,000 – 3,410
ST-L 1.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol4 speed automatic $2,600 – 4,510
Ti 1.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol4 speed automatic $2,900 – 5,060
Ti 1.5LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed manual $2,600 – 4,510

Nissan Micra 2010 FAQs

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  • Changing belts in Micra?

    Are you talking about the cam belt, or the belt driving the alternator, water pump and other accessories? If you are talking about the latter it would usually only be changed if it was clearly worn when checked visually. If you're asking about the cam belt, the Micra has a chain, not a belt, so it doesn't need changing regularly. The only reason you might change it was if it was noisy and loose, when there's a risk that it could jump a tooth and damage the engine.

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