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HSV GTS Pricing and Specs

2017 price from

The HSV GTS is available from $55,400 to $74,030 for the 2017 Sedan across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2017 $55,400 $74,030
2016 $51,200 $66,440
2015 $42,800 $62,920
2014 $38,700 $58,850
2013 $28,200 $51,590
2012 $26,100 $38,940
2011 $23,700 $37,730
2010 $22,800 $34,320
2009 $21,600 $30,800
2008 $19,400 $29,480
2007 $18,800 $26,840
2006 $18,200 $26,070
2004 $14,700 $20,680
2003 $14,000 $19,800
2002 $13,200 $19,140
2001 $11,100 $16,280
2000 $9,800 $16,280
1999 $8,100 $12,760
1998 $8,100 $12,760
1997 $7,900 $12,760
1996 $6,700 $12,210
1995 $6,000 $11,770
1994 $6,000 $9,350
1992 $8,100 $12,540


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  • Is the VS HSV GTS a good investment

    It's not possible to say for sure, but the HSV GTS has the sort of credentials needed to become collectible one day. It was a limited edition, had a factory-modified Holden V8 motor with heaps of grunt, and looked the part with a nice body kit and neat interior. How fast it might climb in value is anybody's guess, that's determined by the market, which has been flat for a year or two and will probably remain so while buyers are cautious about spending their money in these financially troubled times. Same goes for the value it might achieve.

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  • Genuine problem

    THE car's VIN will tell you whether it is a GTS, so check your car's build plate. Because you bought the car new, there is no chance the plate will be false. If the console lid has Clubsport on it instead of the correct badge, go back to HSV and arrange for the correct part to be supplied. It might have supplied the incorrect part because that was the only one it had in stock. The GTS was built in small numbers so it's possible that parts are not readily available. Dealers are reluctant to trade your car probably because they know it will be hard to move, not because they doubt its authenticity.

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  • Screen crack on HSV GTS

    The warranty that came with the car covers the whole car, not just the HSV-specific parts. Talk to your dealer, who I'm sure will be both an HSV dealer and a Holden dealer, he should be able to repair the sat-nav screen and send the bill to either HSV or Holden, in this case it should be Holden.

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