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Holden Torana
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Holden Torana Pricing and Specs

1979 price from

The Holden Torana is available from $2,400 to $4,070 for the 2021 across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
1979 $2,400 $4,070
1978 $2,200 $6,160
1977 $2,200 $6,160
1976 $1,900 $6,050
1975 $1,800 $4,070
1974 $1,250 $4,070
1973 $1,250 $4,070
1972 $1,250 $3,630
1971 $1,250 $3,630
1970 $1,250 $3,080
1969 $1,250 $3,630
1968 $1,250 $3,630
1967 $1,250 $3,300

Holden Torana FAQs

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  • Selling torana

    IT'S hard to put a price on it because it's not a model that's highly sought after by collectors. The value is in its originality and condition. I'd think $4000-$5000 would be tops. You could consider auctioning it at a classic car auction house, advertise it in a specialist magazine or approach a Holden car club where you would meet people with a passion for Holdens. My choice would be to advertise it in a specialist magazine.

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  • Heirloom Vehicle

    ONLY if it has sentimental value. The Torana is not a highly prized collector car, and would be worth only $1000 or so at most.

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  • Finding insurance for 1974 Torana

    Try Lumley Special Vehicles or Vigil, they're two other companies that insure classic and modified cars. I can't comment on your driving record, that's for them to decide of the basis of risk.

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