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Holden Astra
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Holden Astra Pricing and Specs

2020 price from

The Holden Astra is available from $20,888 to $21,990 for the 2021 across a range of models.

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Insurance Quote
Year Price From Price To
2021 $13,100 $26,510
2020 $13,100 $26,510
2019 $11,600 $26,950
2018 $9,900 $28,160
2017 $9,200 $26,290
2016 $9,700 $23,760
2015 $9,600 $21,120
2010 $3,500 $12,320
2009 $2,700 $10,670
2008 $2,000 $9,680
2007 $2,000 $9,020
2006 $2,000 $7,590
2005 $1,800 $6,050
2004 $2,000 $5,720
2003 $2,100 $6,380
2002 $1,900 $5,830
2001 $1,800 $5,720
2000 $1,800 $4,070
1999 $1,800 $4,070
1998 $1,800 $4,070
1997 $1,800 $4,070
1996 $1,800 $4,070
1989 $1,250 $3,080
1988 $1,250 $3,080
1987 $940 $3,080
1986 $940 $3,630
1985 $940 $3,630
1984 $940 $3,630

Holden Astra FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Holden Astra here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Why does my 2020 Holden Astra have an oil leak in the transmission?

    You could argue the semantics of what is and isn’t a major failure till the cows come home and still not get any joy. But while I’d still be talking to the dealership, I’d also contact Holden’s Customer Service department and explain the situation to see if it will overrule the dealership’s call on this. The number to call is 1800 46 465 336.

    Meantime, if the car is fixed and working properly, what’s the problem? You could get a brand-new car and have exactly the same thing happen, so where do you draw the line on what’s acceptable and what’s not? Had Holden refused to fix the car or done a botched job that still left the car with problems, it would be a different story, but if the car is back to brand-new, I would consider the problem to be solved. I’m tipping head office will see it the same way.

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  • Holden Astra GTC 2015: Why is my car coughing dark smoke?

    It sounds like you’re dealing with a fuel-air mixture issue when the engine is started from dead cold. If the mixture is too rich – which would be my suspicion – then black smoke is often a consequence.

    A coolant temperature sensor should be telling the engine’s on-board computer what the temperature of the engine is, so that the computer can then tell the injectors how much fuel to inject into each cylinder. A dud sensor can cause the computer to inject too much fuel, and there’s the source of your black smoke. As the engine warms up, the sensor starts sending the correct signal to the computer and the smoke stops.

    Of course, it’s not always that simple and you could also be looking at a blocked air filter, a blockage in the air intake system, worn fuel injectors and plenty more. Even a stuck or jammed thermostat can cause an engine to run poorly and blow black smoke if it can’t maintain the engine at the correct temperature. Old or stale fuel in the tank can also cause these symptoms. The fact that your car is not showing any fault codes suggests that perhaps you’re looking at one of these old-school problems.

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  • Holden Astra 2006: How can I fix a broken CD player in my car?

    Have a car sound system specialist check it for you. They should be able to clear it so that you can insert CDs.


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