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Daihatsu Sirion
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Daihatsu Sirion Pricing and Specs

2005 price from

The Daihatsu Sirion is available from $2,200 to $4,180 for the 2005 Hatchback across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2005 $2,200 $4,180
2004 $2,100 $4,070
2003 $2,100 $4,070
2002 $2,100 $4,070
2001 $2,100 $4,070
2000 $2,100 $4,070
1999 $2,100 $3,850
1998 $2,100 $3,630

Daihatsu Sirion FAQs

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  • Back to the Mechanic

    IT COULD be the plug leads, or the ignition coil, even a sensor. Have your mechanic check it again.

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  • Hyundai or Diahatsu best for re-sale?

    The Hyundai would be my bet. They are popular with young drivers and dealers like to have them in their yards for that reason. The fact that it has a bigger engine will also give it more appeal when you come to sell it. The Daihatsu's 1.0-litre engine is a little small and that will hold it back. If, however, you were planning to keep the car longer, I would be tempted to go for the Daihatsu as they have greater reliability than the Hyundai. The Daihatsu seems to be the favoured final transport of older folk who want a reliable run in their last years.

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  • What happened to temperature gauges?

    I think you can safely assume that it's cost cutting, but it's probably a reflection of today's drivers who rarely look at their gauges anyway and wouldn't know what a temperature is trying to tell them. I too prefer a gauge as you see what's happening before it gets to the point of serious damage to the engine, but the red light if observed and acted upon should provide sufficient warning of trouble. Like you I also believe a tachometer is a not needed in most cars.

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