Suzuki was making SUVs way before we could even bring ourselves to actually call them SUVs. The Suzuki (Jimny) Sierra and Vitara were carrying out small-SUV duties decades ahead of any of their current rivals. So, you'd reckon the Japanese brand knows a thing or two about how to make a good small SUV and that the new Suzuki S Cross would be well worth a look, right? So, we've road tested the latest one.

When we say S-Cross, it's essentially the same car that debuted in 2014, but this one has been updated with new looks and a different engine. Suzuki also changed the naming of the grades – there are now only two - the base spec which is called Turbo and the top-spec Turbo Prestige which we've tested here. You can't get the S-Cross with all-wheel drive any more, as well.

It’s still not as pretty as a Vitara or a heap of other small SUVs.It’s still not as pretty as a Vitara or a heap of other small SUVs.

If you were going to compare the S-Cross to anything else then size it up against a Mitsubishi's ASX, or Honda's HR-V, or even a Toyota C-HR if you're feeling like a quirky take on the small SUV thing.

So, what the heck is an S-Cross trying to be, and what's it like to live with? What impressed us and what took the S out of S-Cross, and just made us cross?