It’s time to say goodbye to an icon.

This is the very last Peugeot 208 GTi in a very long line of thoroughbred, rally-derived hot-hatches.

Well, the 208 GTi will return, but Peugeot has recently said that when it does, it will be totally different, sporting four doors and being generally ‘larger’ than the one reviewed here.

And, the chances of a manual gearbox returning? Slim. So, if you’re a driving experience puiritan, or generally after that original French hot hatch experience, this is your last call.

There’s also a good chance you won’t be able to buy the ‘Edition Definitive’ we’ve reviewed here because there are only twenty of them in Australia.

However, if you do come across one, or any of its 208 GTi siblings, there are still a lot of reasons to like it. Read on to find out why.