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Nissan Maxima ST-L and Ti 2006 review

The first Nissan to deliver on this promise was the soft road Murano and the prestige Maxima sedan has just followed suit.

Compared with the previous model's four- speed automatic transmission, fuel consump- tion has dropped from 11.2 litres to 10.8 litres per 100km – a reduction of 3.5 per cent.

More impressive, however, is that in a week of testing we bettered this figure without even trying, with the 70-litre tank delivering an average 10.2 litres per 100km.

Maxima is powered by Nissan's acclaimed 3.5litre V6, the same engine that can be found under the bonnet of the 350Z sports car but in a different state of tune.

The V6 generates 170kW of power at 5600rpm and 333Nm of torque at 2800rpm.

It prefers premium unleaded petrol.

CVT is standard on both models – ST-L and Ti.

Instead of set change points, CVT as its name suggests continuously varies the gear ratio to achieve the ideal balance between power and economy.

Although a sequential "M-Mode" is offered where drivers can change gears manually (with six gears from which to choose) there is little need or reason to do so most of the time.

Previous CVT autos that we have tested have had a "zoomy" feel, but not so with this one.

It's smooth and punchy, providing just the right mix of power and economy for the executive in a hurry.

As well as the addition of the new transmission, Maxima has been upgraded with new look front and rear bumpers, dual rear exhaust outlets, LED tail lights, redesigned headlights, front fog lights and alloy wheels.

Inside, the application of leather and new metallic finishes creates a stylish modern ambiance.

Our test vehicle was the top of the range Ti with all the bells and whistles.

It comes with a full complement of luxury features including leather and climate con- trolled airconditioning, but still has a somewhat spartan feel.

It's not so much what is included but what is missing that grates – reach adjust for the steering wheel and heated front seats spring to mind.

At the gimmicky end of the spectrum Ti comes with an "intelligent" key system with no need to take the ignition key out of your pocket to start the car.

A hard key is built into the remote which is a good thing because it played up a couple of times, refusing to start without the key.

Still, we like the car and at a starting price of $39,990, it represents excellent value for money.

The Ti goes for $44,990.

You get leather and electronic stability control with both, but the ST-L misses out on curtain airbags.

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