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Will the Nissan Patrol outsell the Toyota LandCruiser in 2022? And what is the current wait time on a new Patrol this year?

Nissan Australia managing director Adam Paterson has revealed the wait time for a 2022 Patrol.

It was shaping up as the sales battle of 2022.

Is it possible that the underdog Nissan Patrol could finally usurp the undisputed king of the 4x4 wagons, Toyota’s LandCruiser, as Australia’s best-selling upper-large SUV?

The answer is… highly unlikely. At least that’s according to Nissan Australia managing director, Adam Paterson.

Last year, it wasn’t a competition at all. In October, Toyota launched the new-generation 300 Series LandCruiser - arguably the most highly anticipated new release of 2021 - and combined sales of the new model and its 200 Series predecessor were 14,356 in 2021.

In contrast, Nissan sold 3333 Patrols last year, which was 18.2 per cent ahead of its 2020 haul.

But this year Patrol sales have stepped up considerably. In fact, they are up by 84.7 per cent compared to the first four months of 2021.

Nissan has sold 1978 Patrols compared with 3015 LandCruiser 300s sold in the same period. That Toyota figure is down 60.7 per cent year on year, largely due to supply issues.

But despite the huge spike in sales for Patrol, Mr Paterson said the Patrol is not expected to outpace LandCruiser sales this year.

“No, the target is not that we think we're going to take down LandCruiser, we haven't said that,” he said at a Nissan media event last week.

“I think we've been very, very happy to be able to supply some demand that's been developing for Patrol better than we were able to in the past. Three months into the year and we sold half as much as we did for the full calendar year last year. So obviously this year, we're gonna have a better year than we did last year.”

Mr Paterson said the current wait time for a Patrol from purchase in Australia is roughly four-to-five months, adding that he didn’t anticipate a slowing of orders.

“We have a substantial order bank - four to five months, give or take, and the tempo of that does not seem to be slowing down. So what we have not seen is orders die off. And we're just supplying orders that were placed late last calendar year. We still seem to be writing orders at a very consistent, if not slightly increasing, pace.”